1. Content is king

‘Content is king’ is a phrase often thrown around in the world of digital marketing, but that’s because it couldn’t possibly be more true.

When it comes to improving your Click Through Rate, ‘content is king’ applies in two different ways. First of all, when it comes to the actual advert itself, making sure the content is correct will have a massive effect on your Click Through Rate. Ensure your text is concise, contains your targeted keyword both in the body text and the URL and creates a sense of excitement and urgency to encourage your potential customer to click through. Secondly, when it comes to the page you’re directing your users to, you simply must make sure that your content is accurate, relevant and informative. The user journey needs to be clear, concise and easy to follow straight to the conversion point.

2. Relevance is everything

Relevance is the most important criteria for your advert in order to improve your CTR. Your advert needs to answer the question that your customers are asking. When crafting your ad text you need to ensure you’re using the most relevant phrasing possible to ensure that your advert will entice users searching for your specific keyword. Forget exciting offers, forget information you believe to be interesting – are you answering the question? This is the most important thing you can do for your ad text. Similarly, ensuring the page content for the chosen landing page is completely relevant to the search term is simply the only way to ensure your CTR stays high and your conversion rate follows.

3. Analyse your results

When it comes to improving your CTR, analysing and A/B testing are essential. Create two ads in the same adgroup, both with relevant text and exciting content, though slightly varied. See which one performs better over time, then continue to adjust, tweak and test your adverts until you have your best performing ad. Similarly, if the CTR is high but the conversion rate is low, take a look at your landing page and ensure everything is up to scratch. Is the basket or checkout easily navigable? Is the text appropriately selling your product or service? Is it relevant to your search term?

Following these 3 steps will improve your click through ratio no end and hopefully see your conversions skyrocket. The key to marginal gains is making marginal improvements, so analyse your data, make adjustments accordingly and never settle with your results – always strive for more!