What are the latest innovations in the marketing and ecommerce industry? 

Earlier in October/ late September, some of the top platforms launched new features that let businesses reach more customers and improve user experiences.

Google Launches Fundo Platform 

Whether or not the pandemic ends soon, we can expect virtual events to be around in the foreseeable future. Google is taking advantage of this opportunity by expanding their Fundo virtual events platformWith the software, attendees can watch face-to-face interactions in an organized format. Event hosts can also manage discounts or ticket prices and easily handle transactions.

Instagram Launches Shops Guide 

The holiday season is almost here so marketers must bring their A-game! 

To snag more customers, Instagram has launched “The Season For Shops” mini-site, which features guides for businesses looking to set up shop on the platform. 

Visitors can learn holiday shopping marketing strategies, create custom shopping audiences, and add shopping tags.

Facebook removes text restrictions in ads 

Advertisers will know the hassle of abiding by Facebook’s “more than 20% text in image” rule. 

Recently, the social media giant has decided to abolish its restrictions on text content in Facebook Ads. This update comes after they discovered that images with less than 20% text perform better.

Shopify speed reports available in the Partner dashboard 

Site speed is important now more than ever!  Google reports that as page load times increase from one to 10 seconds the probability of a visitor leaving your site increases from 32% to 123%. Plus, as page elements (i.e. text or images) increases from 400 to 6,000 the conversion rates decline to 95%. 

To ensure your site loads fast, Shopify is adding speed reports to the partner dashboard. This lets partners determine your speed score and how it stacks up to similar stores as they work on your online store.

Customise Shopify Shop profile 

Pretty soon, merchants will be able to customise their Shopify Shop profile through the Shop appWith this feature, shop owners can pick products that will be recommended or featured to customers shopping via the app.

Here’s to hoping this will lead to more repeat purchases on your online store!