Here at Apex Ecommerce we’re big fans of the C word, content. Being Search wizards like we are, content is no doubt the driving force behind our marketing expertise. If you want to engage with a wider audience, content is the answer. In our ‘To Buy Or Not To buy’ series we’ll be digging deeper into the big ecommerce brands and deciding if we would buy or not, the results may just shock you.

Everyone using Google has a ‘search intention’ and therefore it is the responsibility of businesses to be present when a search query is entered that matches their service or product. If you’re not, that’s a potential match made in heaven, right down the drain.

This initial content check will capture whether A websites content is attracting, engaging and has the capability of converting  visitors and in turn, increasing revenue for the brand.

What Makes Content Attractive To Your Users?

The most important moment for your content is when it is seen in search results. If you’re a smaller brand and think there is no chance of competing against the bigger players dominating position one, you should know that users do not always go for the first listing. So, whether you’re number one or sat comfortably at position five, how do you be the brand that stands out?

Without audience driven Meta descriptions (digital jargon alert) you are leaving potential buyers with little to no other choice than to base their understanding of your brand off of only a URL. To ensure you do not lose that potential buyer, your Meta Data must resonate with both the user and their search query.

Search Query “Festival Clothing Ideas”

First things first on the to buy or not to buy checklist, we need to understand the suggested and most popular search terms around ‘Festival clothing ideas’, after all, we all search differently. I’ve used Google’s Keyword Planner.


Festival clothing search ideas

It seems, ‘music festival clothing ideas’, ‘men’s festival clothing ideas’ are  popular searched variations of ‘festival clothing ideas’.

First under the microscope is H&M. Bearing in mind H&M fashion is very well suited to Festival trends, I was surprised to find they are not so search ready.

Using the site search command in Google I was able to search the UK H&M site for content that sufficiently matched the related search queries shown in my above research.

So, how did H&M do in helping me find Festival clothing ideas?

search result for festival clothing

The only landing page being returned that could potentially match my needs of ‘festival clothing ideas’ is the ladies landing page. Luckily for H&M, I am a lady. However, last time I checked Festivals cater to all and as coincidence would have it ‘men’s festival clothing’ cropped up more in my initial research.

When landing on the ladies landing page, despite being welcomed by attractive imagery and trendy top hit UK chart stars, I am not convinced I’m going to find the answer to my needs here.

So, is it a buy or not to buy:  I will not be returning for a festival fling with H&M.

Back to the drawing board, who will cater to my festival needs?

google festival ideas search result

So, with little luck from H&M I decide to test the leading fashion retailer, River Island.  As the image above shows, the results were far more accurate for my needs.

However, STILL there is an assumption that the person searching is female. They are currently only catering for a small portion of potential customers and with no option or filter for ‘mens’, this is a classic case of limiting your audience.

festival clothing screenshot

Would I buy or not buy? On this occasion, I’d buy, but only because I happy to be female. I still haven’t forgotten the lack of catering for the other sex.

These fashion brands could be doing more to meet their audience’s search intentions with substantive guide content that attracts and relates to people and their needs.

There is simply no two ways about it, content will engage and impress a wider audience, ultimately helping to drive more conversions and increase your revenue.

If you’d like us to give you a helping hand with your SEO advertising and content strategy to help bring you better results – get in touch today.