So you’ve took the leap and decided to start up your business online, but where do you start?

In reality, your start-up will either succeed or fail there is no in between.

Here are the top questions you need to answer in order to start your successful ecommerce business.

What Does Your Brand Say About You?

It cannot be emphasised enough how important your brand is. Serving customers online is different to serving customers in a physical store, they don’t get to see your personality and excellent customer service skills.

So, how do you achieve the perfect brand?

Create a set of brand guidelines that outline:

  • The history behind the company
  • Your desired demographic
  • USPs of both your company and your products
  • A colour palette
  • A tone of voice you want to achieve
  • The message of the brand (what do you want your company to stand for)

Take these guidelines to an expert branding and design agency , they exist to help you find your brands niche.

Are You Being Competitive?

The downfall of having an online business is that you are competing with more companies who operate all over the world and some of these competitors will be bigger and more established than yourselves. While consumers will be happy to pay for a high-quality product that is unique, this willingness will only go so far when spoilt for choice.

To compete with bigger and smaller brands you need to stay on top of your service proposition. By being competitive on delivery charges, the option to deliver goods worldwide and speed of delivery, you increase your chances of getting a piece of the action.

If they can get an equally as good product at half the price, then why would they choose you?

Earning the sale is one thing, but the journey does not stop there. Often underutilised by ecommerce businesses, the packaging of your products is crucial in earning returning customers and new one’s trust. The packaging of your products is a very close touchpoint with your consumers. Unlike purchasing in a store, consumers never actually get to meet you so your packaging allows you to say something about your brand.

Last year, Shopify wrote a guide on how to design the unboxing experience for those all-important ‘Instagrammable’ moments.

A package delivery that makes your customer feel special on opening, is a gift that will just keep giving.


It is inevitable you will have to be social, social media is a sure way to find new customers as well as keeping current customers engaged. Social media platforms have become a trust mark, if you’re not on social then are you really a legit company?

You will need to find a tone of voice that best represents your company and keep it consistent across all of your social media platforms as well as on your website. High quality photographs and videos of your products and behind the scenes will all be of interest to prospective customers.

It doesn’t have to be drag, let go and be creative, it will pay off!