Don’t get me wrong, I love affiliate marketing. But some of these sites are just killing good content with an overwhelming amount of in yer face ads.

The two big no no’s which are driving me crazy are;

1. Jumpy Bits – You’re trying to scroll down and carry on reading, however the page has now loaded with more ads and now you don’t know where you’ve left off and where the next sentence begins.

2. Clicking in Error – ARGH, I have tried to click “next page” but rather than hitting what I though I was, the ad is designed to look like part of the article and now I’m looking at “How sexy girls are making millions in your area”.

But how do we get this change? Does this all fall under the fake news? Everyone just wants the clicks now, they aren’t bothered about the reader making it past that page. It’s incredibly frustrating and I secretly hope that someone somewhere cleans up the internet of all this tripe. It’s a bad experience, why do we have to put up with this.