Dancing Leopard nominated for Best Website Design at 2020 Drapers Awards!

At Digital Cake, we know a thing or two about creating award winning websites! Just take a look at our client P&Co who won the Best Website Design award at last year’s Drapers awards!

Innovative design

For Dancing Leopard, we produced a multi-territory, custom-built Shopify+ store from scratch, combining many unique design elements to create an engaging user experience for their customers. One of these features included a bespoke mega navigation bar, which features a scrolling ‘you may also like’ product carousel which appears when a customer selects any product collection category.                

To guarantee that the website was fully optimised and would generate a high site-speed score all image and video content has been lazy-loaded. This also ensures a smooth customer experience, as users are not losing out on processing time, battery or data when viewing the site on mobile.

Building a site that reflects your brand

One of the most important things to consider when building an award-winning website is that it acts as a true representation of your brand. For this website, we looked at the core customer demographic for Dancing Leopard and how they would use the website to inform the unique look and feel of the site.  What we created was a website that successfully combined the core brand identity, key customer demographic and unique, mobile-optimised functionality. For example, as a majority of Dancing Leopard’s site visitors also interact with our social media accounts, we included features such as an ‘Instagram Shop’ widget to offer them a seamless, multi-channel shopping experience. 

Know your customer

When designing a bespoke website, you need to ensure that the creative reflects the core value of your brand, as well as your customers. You need to create a site which is easy to navigate, engaging, and acts as an extension of your unique brand ethos. As a typical Dancing Leopard customer is social-media-savvy and digitally native, we included custom sections on the website homepage such as ‘Print of the Week’, as well as the Dancing Leopard Instagram feed, to give them a range of engaging touch points to view our the brands top products.

So, do you want your website to win awards? To work with a team that knows their stuff and have a knack for creating awesome sites, send us a message and maybe your website will be nominated in 2021!