Amazon is currently in the early stages of developing Amazon Prime Air, a service that will be able to deliver small packages of up to five pounds in 30 minutes or less with the use of drones!

Drone delivery and ecommerce

The global drone market in the US is currently worth $14 billion, with this figure projected to reach $43 billion by 2024! The adoption of drones in commercial deliveries is one of the biggest factors in this dramatic growth, and in turn is predicted to see a 22% increase in retail sales by 2030.

Currently one of the biggest drawbacks of drone delivery lies in their distance limitations as they can only be used for delivering smaller, lightweight packages within a short distance. Also, as this is still a fairly new method of delivery, there will be processes put in place for customers who complain about theft or damages that come from deliveries via drone. 

What are the benefits of drones?

Consumer research has already shown that online shoppers are open to having their purchases delivered by drone if it speeds up the delivery process, so it’s safe to assume that as this technology develops and is approved by authorities, that it could revolutionise the ecommerce industry. 

While up until now the use of drones has primarily been used as a publicity-gaining exercise, it has undoubtedly gotten the industry thinking. Currently, one of the biggest benefits of adopting drone technology would be how this could increase customer satisfaction. Not only would drones provide retailers with a competitive edge, but it would provide consumers with instant gratification when they shop online due to the quick delivery time.

As drones will likely be owned and operated by individual retailers themselves, retailers will not be dependent on third-party delivery services to ship their products and so can get items to a customers doorstep in an incredibly short amount of time. By creating shorter delivery times and making delivery options more affordable, another benefit of drones include decreases in cart abandonment and improvements in overall sales figures.

It’s likely that we’re going to see drone delivery for a range of online retailers in the near future. Will your brand be ready to adapt to this new delivery method?

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