Google bots crawl your site regularly, indexing each page and taking ranking factors like content relevance and domain authority into consideration. Every time you update your site with new content, products or collections, for example, it may impact your rankings in organic search. When replatforming your e-commerce store, you must take SEO into consideration or you will risk losing your traffic and sales from search.
Migrating to Shopify is becoming increasingly popular! Shopify is an incredible e-commerce platform that has many great features, the platform offers everything you need for your online store to succeed. Here are some tips to help you maintain your SEO when migrating:

Use best-practice Page structure

Ensuring that all written content on your website is indexable is imperative. A neat and optimised headings structure (H1, H2, H3 etc.) gives Google context on what your page is about, so ensure your page is also relevant to users search intent. URL structure is not exempt from optimisation, a best practice URL with no underscores or articles that aren’t needed. Optimising your website fully before launch will give you the best chance of success when you fully migrate to the Shopify platform. 

If your URLs change, you will want to give Google a heads up. Using redirects, map all of your old links, to the optimised ones on your new site. Using a 301 redirect tells Google that a page has moved forever and that users clicking on an old link should be redirected to the new URL. 301 redirects may be your most important SEO consideration when replatforming, the most common reason for a loss of organic traffic when migrating is improperly implemented redirects.

Why is my SEO at risk?

Most consumers use search engines, like Google, to learn about new products, they research, compare and shop online. So if your e-commerce store can’t be found online, you may be in trouble! Replatforming means that your current rankings in organic search are at risk and without the right SEO strategy for your business, you may maintain them, meaning no organic growth and a loss of sales. 

If migrating your e-commerce website to a new platform sounds daunting, why not enlist our team of Shopify experts to help? We’ll ensure a seamless replatforming and set you up with a winning SEO strategy. You will reap the benefits of having an agency managed migration and see improvements in your sites performance and SEO. 

Have you been thinking about replatforming your e-commerce store and perhaps switching to Shopify? Get in touch with our team to find out how we can help you!