Thanks to the incredible developments in technology over recent years as well as the boom in social media platforms and their usage, more individuals than ever have the full time job of ‘online influencer’. The concept of an online influencer is one which has broadened the chasm between generations in quite a way, as more digital based methods of advertising are climbing in popularity by the day. Younger audiences are more used to turning to their favourite online influencers for inspiration rather than magazines or television adverts, and many from older generations don’t quite realise the power which online influencers behold. From blogs to Youtube channels, social media accounts to live streamers, it’s undeniable that online influencers are becoming more and more important to the concept of marketing, transforming the way we shop and digest content in an almost unprecedented manner.

How do you explain the power of online influencers?

Since ‘online influencer’ became a form of job role in itself, the relationship between brands and the consumer has changed dramatically, and as such, so has the buying journey. Many people no longer wish to simply see a product online before they determine whether or not to buy it, they want to see it first hand on someone whose opinion they value, they want an honest review and they want to visualise the item as part of their lives. Online influencers don’t simply provide a review of your product for any consumer, but instead they allow your customers to understand how the item can be worked into their lives. They provide style inspiration for clothing, interior design options for homeware and showcase the benefits of technological products in a real life setting. To put it simply, online influencers are one of the most powerful tools a business can use to acquire new customers and improve their conversion rate. As long as the product is good, of course!

According to a study conducted by AdWeek, influencer marketing is 11 times more effective than banner ads. To support this, Twitter have claimed that people trust online influencers as much as they trust their friends, turning to their favourite online personalities for recommendations on products of every type. There’s proof in the pudding that working with online influencers can help your brand. It’s also been discovered that 47% of people are now using ad blockers on their browsers, which means that pairing up with influencers could help you reach wider audiences than more traditional methods of online marketing.

Not only that, but working with online influencers is a great way to acquire high-quality photography of your product. Whether they run a blog or a YouTube channel, they will specialise in creating quality content that also showcases the product in-situ, which will be a fantastic addition to your marketing materials, killing two birds with one stone.  

Their gravitas online is undeniable, with influencers like Zoe Sugg or Zoella boasting well over 12 million YouTube followers, a number which is growing by the second. Of course, simply choosing the influencer with the most followers won’t guarantee you an influx of sales, and opting for a micro-influencer with relevant and appropriate ties to your industry or your target audience should prove a far more successful route for your business.

Whether you run a boutique hotel or an enormous clothing brand, working with online influencers could help to benefit your marketing strategy no end. Even if you’re not a fan of YouTube or you’ve never read a blog in your life, it’s simply impossible to deny the power of online influencers in the 21st century.