Having rich snippets can land your site on the top of Google’s search results and drive more traffic to your ecommerce store. 

Now, what are the rich snippets that your ecommerce site should have? Here are the types of schemas that you need in 2020. 

JSON Schema 

JSON-LD, otherwise known as JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data, is Google’s preferred structured data for search results, you should implement our schema recommendations in this format

Credit: Moz

JSON-LD is simpler to read, write, and it’s a convenient code for creating machine-readable data for ecommerce sites. Using this structured data will let search engines crawl your webpages and showcase more accurate landing pages. 

Product schema 

Product schemas feature basic product information. They typically appear in the search results, along with the product name, product photo, price, rating, size, and other relevant information. If you’re online shopping, you’ve probably seen these listings and clicked on some of the links. 

Product Schema for ECommerce SEO

Credit: Google

A product schema may also include extensive product features. For instance, Samsung Galaxy S10’s listing includes screen size, release date, battery life, and display resolution. 

Product Schema for E-Commerce Rich Snippet Example

You can visit schema.org to view the full list of product markups.

Local Business Schema

Google’s latest BIG update is the shipping details schema

With this feature, consumers can search for a product and find the shipping costs and expected delivery times from local retailers. The results are personalized according to the searcher’s location. 

Local Business Listings for Products using Schema in Google SERP

Unfortunately, this new feature is only available for US stores. Local businesses that qualify can add OfferShippingDetails structured data to their ecommerce store. 

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