Google Shoploop is a video shopping platform that lets users scroll through short and entertaining videos to discover new products. 

If you’re thinking of utilising Shoploop by Google for your ecommerce store, here are the most compelling features that you need to know:

What is Shoploop by Google?

Shoploop by Google is a video shopping platform for discovering, reviewing and buying new products. For example, this video shows how you can make your eyes pop with a bright yellow eyeliner. 

Credit: Google

Why can merchants benefit from Shoploop by Google?

Consumers often switch between different platforms to learn product information. They turn to Facebook and Instagram to discover products, then transition to Youtube for unboxing and tutorial videos. 

Shoploop aims to integrate these consumer experiences into an all-in-one platform for short interactive video content. Each video has a quick product review and how-to content that will inspire viewers to try the product. 

Why use it? 

In the age of social distancing, consumers want to learn the look and feel of the products through online content. Shoploop enables merchants to share relevant product reviews from real people that have used it.

For example, this video demonstrates how viewers can get pink puff dreamy hair by using Good Dye Young’s hair dyes. When the lower left product photo is tapped, users can view the price and visit the product page.

Credit: Google

How brands and merchants can get involved in Shoploop?

E-commerce brands and merchants can create their own channel on Shoploop to get featured on the platform. To get started, complete this online form to become a Shoploop content creator. Applications are open to influencers, video content creators, merchants, enthusiasts, experts and publishers. 


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