Student Discount Websites

Here we are coming to the end of summer, well a sort of summer that has consisted of rain, thunderstorms and bin strikes. But this time of year marks new adventures for all those young adults starting university. As we speak, students are dragging their parents around ikea looking for some cheap dorm kit and have likely already rinsed their parents wallets buying the latest macbook.

As they embark on their new adventure, the usual freshers weeks will be overloaded with fun things to do and see – plus companies throwing their products at them!

Enter the uber successful affiliate marketing giants that are targeted student discount websites – MyUniDays and StudentBeans. These guys cover the student market offering students deals on the latest fashion brands, tech for school and home, gym memberships and weekends away from

Now you might be thinking “yeah so, anyone can get these types of deals now through 100’s of affiliate sites, what makes student discount websites any different?”. That may be true, however MyUniDays and StudentBeans specifically request “the best deals” for their student fanbase. You might just be able to get the same deal on a black friday for example, but how often do you stumble across 10% Off Topshop or 40% off Ask Italian – Yep, only if you’re a student and registered on one of these affiliate websites. You see, if you’re not a student, then you’re not coming in. Etailers can only advertise their best offer on these affiliate sites and it has to be exclusive.

These two giants, just like cashback sites TopCashBack and Quidco are at the top of their game – They’ve both found a niche in the affiliate marketing world and zoned in on something that will just continue to grow. Each year there are new excited students opening their eyes and wallets to these new big discount that only MyUniDays and StudentBeans can get their hands on.