Social media is not only an ideal method of procrastination, that could keep nimble fingers scrolling for hours on end, but a lucrative sales and branding tool for businesses in any sector. Indeed, unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s almost impossible to avoid adopting some social media channels for your business.


Whether your social strategy is to build your brand, act as a customer service tool or legitimise your company with a thorough profile across the internet, social media platforms can be absolutely invaluable for digital marketing. Of course, that’s not to say that every company needs to embrace every social media platform. If your target client base is 50+ males, then Snapchat might not be the best social media platform for you to invest your time into. Choosing the wrong platform for your business and your audience is just one of the mistakes that brands can make when it comes to social media. Here are the top 5.


  1. 1. Sales, sales, sales


A lot of brands take to social media and spam their followers with shallow sales pitches. Of course, it’s vital to use social media for self promotion. After all – you want people to know who you are and what you offer. However, social media is an opportunity to add personality to your brand, and you’ll alienate your audience by relentlessly posting promotional or sales pitches. If you’re offering one dimension of content then expect to see your followers dwindle – and fast!


  1. 2. Alienate the audience


Knowing your consumer is vital for any business, but especially on social media. We’re pretty sure you’ll have done some rigorous analysis of your typical consumer in order to market your brand appropriately. Social media is no different! Know your audience and tailor your content around this. If you’re marketing to millennials then pay attention to the trends and post accordingly. Similarly, if your audience is of the more mature nature, then make sure your content reflects this. You don’t want to alienate your audience, and you want to acknowledge that you appreciate and understand which types of content they want to see.


  1. 3. Miss the customer service opportunity


Social media has fast become one of the most important methods of customer service in business, with many brands having specific customer service social media accounts dedicated solely to answering their customers’ needs and queries. If a customer contacts you with a     question, a complaint or a reservation – identify it, reply to it and view it as an opportunity to build your brand in a public sphere. Don’t ever ignore tricky customers – replying to them in a professional and helpful manner could impress your followers and resolve the situation.


  1. 4. Jump on the bandwagon


Though it can be tempting to embrace the trends and add a touch of humour to your content, you must always keep your brand at the forefront of any social media strategy. One of the biggest mistakes brands make on social media is jumping on the trending bandwagon whilst posting something completely off brand at the very same time. Hashtag games on Twitter are excellent to build your personality – but be mindful of your brand and what your ethos is at all times.


  1. 5. Expect big numbers and fast


Social media is certainly a long game, but if you build a foundation of regular, informative and interesting content that is relevant to your business your followers, traffic and hopefully conversions will reflect this. Too many brands expect a dramatic increase in followers overnight, when this is simply unrealistic for most businesses. Stay true to your brand, offer valuable customer service and don’t be scared to show some personality. Results will come!