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PPC is a sophisticated form of paid marketing and with it comes the power to build your Brand Awareness and drive your consumer demand very quickly. With numerous ways to target your customer, it allows you to prospect the right people at the right time.

As recognised Google Partners, it’s our responsibility to guide you through the many different aspects of Paid Search Marketing from Mobile Ads, Video Ads, Shopping Campaigns, the true power of Display Marketing and the tried and tested Text Ads.
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Top Tips to Improve Your PPC Advertising!

Pick The Right Keywords But Don't Stop There, Continue To Learn From Them

Start Small And Gradually Build Your Campaign Up From Acquired Data

Split Test Advert Copy To Understand What Resonates With Your Customers

Focus On Improving Your Quality Score & Ad Relevancy

Run Regular Search Query Reports And Use The Conclusions To Optimise

Pace Your Budget, Know When You Should Be Spending & Holding Back

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Whether it’s one or many of our services you require, get in touch to find out how we could help you drive awareness, engagement and conversions for your product or service.

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Your Dedicated PPC Advertising Team

For many people, the world of PPC can seem overwhelming and somewhat intimidating. We understand this and have seen it enough times to know that it’s our responsibility to work with you, breaking any previously built-up barriers down.

We also understand this may take some time.

Our PPC expertise starts right from the top. The Founders of Digital Cake, have been at the forefront of the developments in PPC Advertising since 2001, and know the challenge of staying agile to Google, inside out.

This dedication to stay ahead of the ever changing climate spans right down to our digital team, with marketers focused on ROI delivering results and energised by the fast paced and target focused agency environment.

We do not just secure your place through traditional text adverts, this is Ecommerce. We manage, optimise and review Google Shopping campaigns. Beyond management, we ensure your online store and inventory is set-up and working with AdWords to the best of its ability.

Earning your click is only phase one, customers need to be taken on several dates before committing to the final stage, a conversion. Without being persistent and touching base through strategic retargeting, the chances are you’ll fall short and competition will steal your place.

Acquiring, capturing and reinforcing. The PPC culture that is hard coded into our strategies. Effective search marketing requires an integrated approach, our PPC services work best when combined with our SEO services.