SEO Services

SEO Services

SEO is more than just keywords

Much like ourselves, SEO requires your website's health to be well maintained, well communicated and well connected. Sometimes components slip and you’re left relying on poor foundations. Where humans may be more forgiving, Search Engines are working at a pace where those that lag behind, get left behind.

Search Engine Optimisation should be built into the foundations and frame of your website. Focused on user intent and user experience.

Search intent will win every time. Once you start to understand why somebody would want to buy your product and what purpose it serves, you can begin to capture the right customer, at the right time.
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Top Tips to Improve Your SEO

You’re Going To Need To Commit, This is The First Step To Success.

Trust The Numbers. Search Data Is The Revolution You’ve Been Waiting For.

Make Sure You're Targeting Traffic Driving Keywords.

Write Remarkable Content. Content Must Add Value To Your Target Customers.

Make Regular Content Production A Priority In The Business

Measure, Review And Optimise. And Repeat.

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What is Quality SEO?

Great things come to those who wait. Understanding that to reach the top you’re going to need to commit to consistent SEO services, is the first step to SEO success. Beware of anyone telling you otherwise.

Chances are, you know your brand is worthy of great positions, you provide a good service and are well established and recognised. You may think you know your industry inside out, however, by allowing incremental search data and analytics into your business new insights will unveil where your digitally falling short. This is where we have the ability to unlock real digital value.

A lot of people say that SEO is more of an art than a science and to some degree, that is true. There is no magic formula that will send you straight to the top of Googles Search Engine results page. The ever-changing world of SEO is much like Harry Potter’s book of Magic Tricks, you don’t need all of the tricks all of the time and in certain cases, you’ll need more of one trick and less of another. The skill is in knowing what tactic will have the greatest impact at any given time. For this reason, SEO can seem very overwhelming but with a little help from the right SEO service agency, it can be done.

If you are just starting out on your SEO journey, Digital Cake will be there from start to finish to help you bust some of that digital jargon and help you focus on what’s really important in order to start getting the results you’re looking for. Alongside SEO, PPC services should work alongside an integrate for truly impactful results.

We start by conducting research into your target demographic and competitors, followed by a full in depth technical audit of your website structure. Once we understand your audience. Website and USP’s we can begin to identify keywords that are highly relevant to both your company and products. and what people interested in the kind of products and services you provide, search for. This will be followed up with an evaluation of the actual content on your website and an authority benchmark.

All of these elements will be combined to create a bespoke SEO strategy and roadmap just for you.