Being a working mum is something I always thought ‘Well there are women in Africa working all day in fields with their kids strapped to them, so this will be a doddle’. Oh god, oh how I was not ready for the non stop lifestyle of having two kids whilst running an ecommerce agency. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but what I wouldn’t give for a lie in or a day of no-one asking for anything.

So my colleagues gave me the challenge of writing down a day, as it happened black friday was on the horizon…

In the run up to Black Friday, clients all of sudden come out of the woodwork asking for more deals, more graphics, more products imports than we had originally scheduled. This is all understandable as it’s the busiest retail time of the year and we want nothing more than to see our clients sales go through the roof. One big bonus is that as we use the Shopify platform, these changes are simple to make and our clients can look at the snazzy dashboard to keep an eye on sales.

6am – Alarm goes off…. snooze

6:10am – Alarm goes off… time to get up and jump in the shower before the rest of the house awakes.

6:50am – The kids wake up, time for milk. Then wrestler kids into clothes, brush their teeth and hair whilst they wrestle each other

7:30am – Empty dishwasher, refill dishwasher. Empty washing machine, refill washing machine

7:45am – Pack bags, shove shoes and coats on. Throw kids and bags into car, catch the dog and throw her in the boot and dash to nursery then work.

8:45am – Arrive at work, unleash the dog, pop the kettle on and warm up the mac

9am – Mark which emails to respond to as a priority, check Asana tasks for comments and new tasks

9:30am – Team kick off meeting, discuss the working day and who’s turn it is to pop the shop for milk…. and biscuits…. possibly sausage sarnies

10am – Call clients to discuss Black Friday discount options and confirm deployment plans

10:30am – Crack on with Black Friday graphics, merchandising stores, creating discount codes and setting up promotional categories

12:45pm – Run the dog round the block, picking up a gloriously smelling poo

1pm – LUNCH. “Where’s everybody going?” mix reaction of “I’m skint” “I’m being healthy” “Ooo let’s get McDonalds delivered”

1:30pm – Catch up on emails and asana tasks

2pm – Think “shit only 2 hours till nursery run”. Panic. Have a catch up with web developer and account exec to check on progress of tasks

2:15pm – Go Live with Black Friday and check all discount codes work, do at least 5 test orders checking every step of the way

3:55pm – Check calendar for web dev worked booked in for the next day. Write To Do List for next day

4pm – Shout things for the team to remember as I’m running out the door with the dog… forget keys, run back, say goodbye and off to nursery we go

4:45pm – Pick up two tired hungry girls who tell me “Paddy was not kind today, I wanted to play with the blue blocks…!”

5:1opm – Throw everyone into the house, turn on CBeebies, turn on the oven, pop some bread sticks and juice on kids table

5:30pm – Try to convince my eldest that broccoli is yummy, try to slow my youngest down from eating too quickly

6:30pm – Wrestling again. Them with each other, me with their pyjamas. Then it’s┬ámilk, storytime & bed for the girls

7pm – Empty dishwasher, refill dishwasher. Empty washing machine, refill washing machine

7:15pm – Get dinner sorted for us, usually Quinoa, Fish & Veg – Aw aren’t we healthy? Not by choice, it’s the quickest thing to cook and devour!

8:30pm – Treated myself to a Lush bath bomb

8:31pm – Jump out of bath as youngest has thrown up all over herself and the cot

8:33pm – Clean the baby and construct the travel cot and pop in some fresh bedding as the proper cot mattress is drenched and now needs airing

9pm – Get back into bathtub and top up with hot water, play words with friends, read industry blogs and linkedin articles

10pm – Slowly sink into bed and just let every muscle slowly relax and count the hours until my alarm goes off until I fall asleep…